Thane Pullan

Thane Pullan
Due to a completely ridiculous law the European Union made up; I'm telling you that you may get cookies on this website and some standard logging occurs. DON'T PANIC! Most websites do this. You've probably have seen these notices a trillion times and are sick of closing them; I know that I am. Thanks for making browsing the internet more inconvenient Europe! View a sarcastic privacy policy or close this unnecessary but legally necessary notification
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Privacy Policy

I and my sponsors may log your IP address, web browser and drop cookies. Most websites do this.

I am personally not going through my log files and tracking who's visiting my website. Unless you use my form to contact me I have no clue who you are. I have no idea what my sponsors do with your information.

All contact messages are kept private unless they have the potential to cause legal problems.

If you are concerned about privacy you're probably best to throw your smart phone in the lake and stop using the internet. Additionally you may want to wear a paper bag over your head when you go out because everywhere has cameras.