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Regarding my production company that never was

It has been three and a half years since I last blogged on this website. I still intend to create a production company.

I have multiple interests and multiple projects. I'm now a producer of trance music under a stage name.

I have written another book: The Confessions of a Partying Cripple. I now have several merchandise lines and I am finally seeing some traction after one and a half year of work.

I also joined as a board member of a charity. Most of my work time is spent coding software and maintaining websites, because that's what I truly love doing.

My point is I don't just do one thing.

Creating two trance tracks was part of my plan as I can use them as tracks for a nightclub sitcom about a person in a wheelchair.

Additionally I plan to release animated parodies of "make money online" type videos. Of course I want to do videos for my music artist too.

I expect there will be additional parodies and some other disability themed productions. Undoubtedly I will do random productions.

I am not planning to be the main actor however I will probably appear with my back turned or in a mask. I don't want to be a celebrity and maintaining a personal brand is annoying.

See you in another three years. Just joking, maybe.
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Why I am creating a production company

I am working on building a production company. A staff member would have to manage the productions. The downside is the initial expense at the beginning. The upside is I get to delegate that responsibility to someone else. I am all for delegation as my strengths are probably consulting and writing. I also don't want to get bogged down with tasks such as contacting people. With the way that I deal with people, they would probably stop showing up to work.

Most people know me as a stand up comedian. Stand up comedy was something that I intended to do once, but then got asked to enter a competition, got on TV and got a few thousand likes on Facebook. All good, but I am a nerd. I am not a people person and would much create technology than go out unless it is an international show, and let's say that going to Auckland for concerts also has other advantages. Stand up comedy has taken me places, literally but I'm a computer geek not a people person. I would rather script out comedy/dramas from behind a computer.

For years I have fantasized about creating sitcom and comedy-dramas. I have recently decided to try and do this. Cameras have been purchased; I have started to write sketches. Unlike my many other projects I have an administrator. Things are moving. Of course funding won't be easy but I am going to sell at least one line of products to funnel money to the production company. There is also crowd funding and external funding that can be considered. Merchandise, advertising and digital/offline sales can be ways of generating revenue. Plus there would be other businesses I could direct money from, like my building navigation and accessibility software companies. Though I can say self funded productions will probably have shirtless guys integrated in them.

People may accuse me of focusing on the visibility issue too much and perhaps people see representation on screen as a fringe issue. However some people treat people who are differently-abled like they are stupid. Seeing them on stage will help combat i. People also yell at people that cannot see; I have no idea why. I am writing productions because I want to write productions. A few weeks ago decided that I could do more original stuff with characters in wheelchairs.

Finally the emphasis on celebrities is stupid. I dislike celebrity culture, though I like interviewing celebrities and going to concerts. However society's focus on celebrities is annoying. I cannot justify trying to get famous. I would also prefer the media minded their own business and this becomes impossible when you get to a certain level of fame. Others can have the misfortune of dealing with the media, trolls, media who are trolls, fans projecting things on to you. I would rather work in the background and have other people be the faces.
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Reducing Insomnia

Recently I was suffering from insomia, and I do mean suffering, I don't use the term lightly. I was able to resolve it. It was suggested that dimming my screen at night might help, ultimately I don't think it did but I still do this anyway.

The only thing that really helped is looking away from the computer screen for an hour before bed. Usually I listen to music and look down. I try not to respond to facebook or email during this time. Since I am a workahollic I frequently try to push the boundaries and only do about 40 minutes, whether I get a good sleep those nights can be a gamble. I really need to stop doing this, but I like working on things. Side note: maybe I should work on wireless switches since I am about to get a stand up wheelchair, I could additionally move away from the computer better. Alternatively maybe I can create better playlist software so I can more easily flick between song sets.

Speaking of technology our lives are full of screens whether computer, mobile phones or TV. This means that you constantly think and absurb information. If you get insomia perhaps you need to learn not to do this. It's worthwhile to do this occasionally in the day. This for me makes it easier to think of nothing at night. I am not saying that you need to meditate for ten minutes. In fact I mostly cannot manage ten seconds without thinking of something. Tactics that I use if I cannot think of nothing are listening to my breathes or listening to clock theticks.

Of course if you have additional physical pains or even stress this blog entry probably wont help you but I hope it helps someone. The final take away from this blog entry is try not to look at screens as much as you can for an hour before bed if you suffer from insomia.
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Open letter to Shortland Street

To whom it may concern,

It has occurred to me that Shortland Street has constant diversity when it comes to GLBT characters. It has made an effort for at least a decade or two to have at least one gay or lesbian character, it has even included a transgender character. While this is fabulous the show is lacking in characters with physical disabilities.

Sure there has been a few such as Chris's sister. (hopefully I am remembering correctly) I am sure that there have been some scattered guests; but in recent years there has been no long term regular characters in wheelchairs, who are blind or deaf and this is something that should be addressed. I remember there was Waverly's boyfriend played by Philip Patston; this is the longest term character in a wheelchair that I can recall.

It will be beneficial for the disability community to have characters that they can relate to in the same way it is beneficial for the GLBT community to have such characters. This will do a lot to inspire young people with disabilities and give them a character to relate to. Of course I am not suggesting that all people with disabilities need this, but some may find this beneficial. Some people also think that people that have disabilities are stupid; visibility is absolutely essential to combat this mindset.

Producers may avoid including people with disabilities because they are scared of getting things wrong. In my opinion it's wrong not to include characters with disabilities at all. You are not going to please every person with a disability, don't even try. Some people will complain no matter what. The majority of persons with disability would just appreciate being included. Ignore the fringes. I am happy to consult on such stories either professionally or not.

You frequently rotate different types of GLBT characters, you can also rotate characters with disabilities. It's 2016, it's time that you give the disability community equal attention.

Finally I am not writing this because I want to become an actor. I could see myself finding the filming process incredibly boring after day three. I do have interest in working behind a camera but also plan to presue this ambition in other ways such as writing a short film. I merely ask that you start to include characters with disabilities. If I am not involved in the process beyond this point that is totally fine.

Kind regards,

Thane Pullan
Posted at 04/09/2016 21:22:24 UTC 2 comments

Why banning speech is a bad idea

There is a trend with young people to ban offensive speech. As a (part time/whenever I feel like it) comedian I am deeply oppose to this but I am also opposite to it oppose it intellectually.

I would rather know who the scumbags in society are. There is no better way to detect them than to hear them speak. If someone calls me a worthless spastic for example; that sends a signal to me to not associate with that person. It is more dangerous to have people secretly resent you, particularly if they can affect your life. Racism could be an example of this; if people secretly are racist they will probably hold that against you in your professional life.

Once you ban speech the thoughts don't go away, they just go underground which has the potential to intensify the thoughts in groups. Tribalism comes into force additionally. We need to challenge ideas rather than shut down the conversation. Tribalism further enhancers people's emotional attachments to their ideas. Once you're emotionally attached to something you're not able to listen to reason. I am not stupid, many people won't change their mind, but some will.

Of course I am not suggesting that we get universities to endorse white supremacy groups, or allow bullies, or allow people to incite violence. People must be protected, but ideas must be challenged adequately.

While I am complaining about young people and new trends; my next post will be on the absurdity of trigger warnings.

I also blog about disability issues on other sites, so I will stop covering disability issues here for the most part.
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A message to journalists interviewing me

Since I am being interviewed more often, I will point journalists to this page rather explain these things every time.

Please introduce me as "having a" disability rather than "suffering from" a disability. This is the only specific wording that I will request. The word "suffers" is extremely negative and considering many people pity people with disabilities anyway, I don't think use of that word is helpful or necessary. I don't mean to be the word police and have no idea if it actually has an effect on a person's psychology but I think that introducing people with people with physical impairments as "suffering" has no positive side and should be phased out.

People in wheelchairs don't like to be referred to as "wheelchair bound". Similarly people many people with disabilities don't like to be called "disabled people". I actually don't care about these things but keep these in mind if you're covering people with disabilities otherwise you will have the politically correct brigade complaining.

I view my physical limitations as irrelevant when it comes to my achievements. Some people are good at running, I am good at programming and being innovative. I simply have different skills than most, and the time to develop them.

I don't really care about labels, even my first point on this is more of a preference than anything. My main point is that I am not extraordinary because of my disability and don't wish to be painted as such. Too often stories on us are either painted as tragic or super inspirational. I don't want to be either and while journalists are doing stories on me, I will try to do some good and hopefully get some to cover people with disabilities differently.

As much as I don't really like to be called inspirational or extraordinary; I have authored a book, created software so I can do stand up, about to take my second international trip in my second year of comedy and have several amazing software packages in the pipeline. Yes I am awesome, but it's because of my abilities, not disability.
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Time For Companion Cards

Other countries can learn from each other in the area of disabilities. Australia has a companion card scheme, New Zealand should implement it here.

Companion cards allow carers of people with disabilities to get into events at no cost. This is important for people like me; I cannot drink without a companion. This would be an economic argument because if I can freely buy drinks, this means more profits for the venue.

More people who have disabilities may go to events if they didn't have to pay for carer tickets. I have been to concerts where there was vacant spots for people with disabilities. To be honest I enjoy the extra room, but let's ignore that. Without being too dramatic it's like charging us twice to get in, especially if you can't find someone who genuinely wants to go. For example a person that used to take me to concerts used to put in earplugs.

I believe that many events would happily sign on to such a scheme; I never used to ask for a companion ticket for local events, but times are tough. I find that many people are happy to let me have a companion ticket if I request one.

In my opinion life should be enjoyed; I mostly tend to enjoy concerts, DJs and stand up comedians. I would say it's about my only source of entertainment apart from YouTube and the few TV shows I have on while I am working. A lot of my offline business contains entertainment aspects such as doing comedy and later producing music so I qualify that as entertainment too. The companion card scheme will enhance the main thing I do for pure entertainment and it will enhance other people's lives. Let's implement it.
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Disability and labels

I am just putting this out there since I am becoming more involved in the disability sector. Your label debates are stupid. I have no interest in them. You can call me a cripple for all I care, call me a crippled spastic, I really couldn't care less. I think Spastic Fantastic has a nice ring to it.

However I understand some people find being called disabled disempowering and for that reason I say their views should be honoured. If nothing else it means we can focus on other things. I don't agree with such people's perspective, but I understand where they're coming from. So even though I don't agree with you on a personal level; just take this victory and move on.

However then you get people that like the disabled label and refuse to buy into political correctness. My question to those people is simple. Is your position so important that you're willing to waste hours and hours in circular arguments going absolutely nowhere instead of tackling things like transport, accessibility, media, visibility? If the answer is yes, you have screwed up priorities, but you are free to engage in pointless arguments. I however have better things to do.

I will continue to call myself a cripple in my comedy act. If you don't like it: It's a sad day for you. My activism is separate from my comedy. Nobody has said anything negative, this is so everyone knows and understands my position prior to any potential moves I am about to take in the near future, or will take in distant future. Although if politics really means pandering to people on power trips, I can't say this interests me, at all. I don't have the time nor the will to play stupid power games, I call things as they are. Luckily you can be an activist without the politics.

Finally I believe strongly that words are a man made construct and they have practically no effect on me, this attitude needs to be taught via education. Society would be better off.
Posted at 28/12/2014 09:03:40 UTC 2 comments

Why there are fewer women in power

Here's one of the actual reasons there are fewer women in power: women are less likely to be narcissists or psychopaths. The percentages are respectively 25% and 15%. This is from narcissism expert Sam Vaknin. Narcissists and psychopaths are mostly men and these types are more likely to go after powerful positions.

Of course other factors play a role such as religion and upbringing. They play with barbies and taught to be submissive by the Christian religion, while the opposite gender are loud and play with tanks. I wonder if the later combined with higher expectations for sporting achievements contributes to narcissism. Also the infamous ol' boys club is another obstacle.

My point is calling it sexism is overly simplistic. There are a multiple of reasons, including sexism.
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Inspirational porn and objectification

I was reading about inspiration porn a few days ago and the fact that it can be interpreted as objectifing disabled people really stuck with me.

If you say that we are not objects to inspire others. OK, I am with you, but I disagree with the execution of this message. It's overly negative. A better way would be to say we're not inspirations, we're normal. OK some stupid people won't listen, what's new? Racism, sexism isn't solved, likewise I expect this will be an ongoing problem.

The answer is to push to be visible and normalized in society. This worked well with homosexuality in the past 30 years. This means fighting to make it easier to go out in terms of accessibility, transport etc. Visibility leads to changing of people's attitudes, it's really the only way in my opinion. Plus you will be improving accessibility for others.

I used to hate being called an inspiration, but is bringing joy to people's life such a bad thing? I can't say it is. I also hope that I am am an inspiration for other reasons; I am intelligent, funny and say what I mean. However if you're inspired by my disability alone, you're an idiot, but feel free to donate all the same.

As far as being objectified, I must say being inspirations is the least of our problems. That's all I will say.
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